Bob Roitblat, speaking at TEDxIIT

Bob Roitblat is an entertaining and humorous speaker — with a reputation as being a contrarian. He’s considered one of the foremost experts on leadership and innovation.

This is your opportunity to connect with a sought-after business speaker who covers topics germane to organizations of all types and sizes, and who is a thought leader that both inspires and entertains.

Bob is available to speak on today’s most important business topics at conferences, seminars, conventions, meetings, special events, or in-house presentations worldwide.

Bob Roitblat is a highly sought-after business speaker who inspires and entertains!While every program is custom-designed specifically for your organization, Bob engages your audience on the following topics and provides the following takeaways for your attendees.

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Transforming Top Ideas into Bottom-line Results™

If you fail to innovate you risk extinction. Customer expectations are changing. The way you do business is changing. You cannot afford to stand still. Innovation takes you off the path to obsolescence and puts you on the road to growth and success… [read more]

Becoming the Leader Your Team Deserves™

Leadership is a privilege, and with privilege comes great responsibilities. These include leading by example and creating an environment that inspires people to want to learn, grow and be at their best… [read more]

Exit Strategy: Five Secrets to Selling Your
Business for the Maximum Price™

Do you want to successfully exit from your business after years of hard work? Do you want to build your business to sell? Then this program is for you. During this factual and hard-hitting talk you will learn about creating a strategy for and executing a successful exit for maximum sales value… [read more]

The Power of Profit: Strap a Booster Rocket to Your Profits,
Fueled By Your Existing Sales™

Some of your customers are driving your profits while others are driving your business into the ground. Can you tell which are which? This presentation discusses ways you can identify your profitable customers and how you to get even more value from them… [read more]

The Key Leadership Skill of the 21st Century
is Clear, Effective Communication

As a leader, your objective isn’t effective communication. Your objective is mutual understanding. Effective communication is the best tool for accomplishing that… [read more]