Exit Strategy: Five Secrets to Selling Your Business for the Maximum Price™

Do you want to successfully exit from your business after years of hard work? Do you want to build your business to sell? Then this program is for you. During this factual and hard-hitting talk you will learn about creating a strategy for and executing a successful exit for maximum sales value.

By implementing the secrets presented during this program, you will attract more buyers and be able to sell your business for more money. You’ll also benefit now by dramatically increasing your efficiency and results.

Learning Objectives ~Click Here to Download the Program Summary

With this program, attendees will laugh, learn and leave knowing how to:

  • Position their business to sell for the highest possible price
  • Structure their business for a successful exit
  • Understand why they should design their business to be sellable – from the start
  • Identify the types of buyers, their value drivers and their motives
  • Describe the profile of the buyer-type most likely to pay the maximum price
  • Identify areas of “unexploited” value
  • Understand why focusing on future growth potential, not just past performance increases sales value
  • Understand why reducing inherent risks in the business increases sales value
  • Use competition among buyers to increase sales value
  • Explain why it’s important to start the planning process as early as possible

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