Using Emotional Intelligence to Survive the Corporate Jungle™

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is more than just a handy set of “people skills.” Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to recognize and effectively manage emotions within yourself and others. Emotional intelligence increases your ability to make good decisions, build relationships, deal with stress, and cope with change.

Research has proved that people with high emotional intelligence are consistently the top performers in their organizations. And, according to research, EQ is more reliable in predicting success than your intelligence quotient (IQ).

Learning Objectives ~Click Here to Download the Program Summary

With this program, attendees will laugh, learn and leave knowing how to:

  • Define EQ and describe why it’s important
  • Discover how to increase your EQ competency
  • Become more self-aware and authentic
  • Recognize how your feelings, reactions and emotions—and those of others—affect your work relationships
  • Apply mindfulness and the here-there technique to a critical work relationship
  • Increase your social awareness and cultivating empathy through active listening
  • Keep yourself and others from overreacting in emotionally charged situations
  • Explore relationship management and collaboration
  • Creating a development plan identifying areas for improvement and specific steps for developing EQ
  • Choose how you act—instead of responding automatically
  • Easily work with people with personalities and communication styles different from yours
  • Stay flexible and open in the face of change
  • Anticipate problem situations and the underlying emotions and be prepared

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